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Retarget visitors
of any website.

Soko is a web-based platform that makes it easy for marketers to add audiences from leading publishers to their Facebook and Google Adwords remarketing lists.


Why Marketers love it


Better performance through better targeting

Better targeting leads to significantly improved conversions and increased ROI for your campaigns. 

Reach hard to target audience

Reach hard to target audiences

Content engagement is one of the main indicators that shows who is behind the screen, enabling you to discover highly qualified audiences.

Always fresh audiences

Always fresh audiences

People interact with content everyday as their needs and interests evolve. Because Soko only starts harvesting a website’s visitors *after* you’ve purchased its audience, your leads are always fresh.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Soko adds the audience directly into your Facebook and Google AdWords remarketing lists, so there is no need to learn new tools or change your existing workflow.

No upfront investments

No upfront investments

No expensive investments in technology and training required: all you need is a web browser. No up-front fees or licenses: only pay when adding an audience to a remarketing list.

100% transparent

100% transparent

No anonymous aggregation, no opaque audience extension, just quality audiences directly from leading publishers.


How it works

Tap directly into the audience of the world’s top publishers to reach your niche audience.



Select a publisher

Marketers select a relevant audience from the publishers on the Soko platform.


Customize audience

Marketers determine the size of the audience and can filter based on criteria like location and device used.


Build audience

Soko then adds the audience directly to their Facebook or Google Adwords remarketing lists.


Activate audience

Marketers activate their remarketing lists as they normally do using their regular workflow and tools.


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