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Soko for Publishers

Soko for Publishers provides your sales team with a new digital offering to sell and allows you to tap into your customers' Facebook and Google ad budgets.

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How does it work?

SFP provides your sales team with a new digital offering to sell: allowing advertisers to retarget your audiences in Facebook and Google campaigns, thus allowing you to capture a portion of the dollars being spent on those platforms.



Create your account

Create your publisher account by adding the digital properties you wish to  better monetize.


Tag the properties you wish to monetize

Add the tags generated in step one to your digital properties.


Start Selling!

Your sales team can now start selling off-site retargeting of your audiences.


Why Publishers love it


New revenues

Complements and enhances existing monetization activities. Off-site retargeting can be sold as a stand alone product or bundled with existing offerings to boost average deal sizes. It allows you to tap into your customers’ Facebook and Google marketing budgets; budgets you previously had no access to.


Protect your data

Data is a major asset that all publishers need to protect. That’s why Soko for Publishers does not collect, share or resell any of your data. Not to advertisers, not to anyone.


Zero impact on user experience and ad inventory

Because the ads are shown off site, Soko for Publishers has no impact on the user’s experience and no impact on your ad inventory.


Control access to your audiences

Advertisers must go through your sales team if they are interested in retargeting your audiences on other platforms, giving you complete control over who can access those audiences and plenty of opportunities for up selling


No expensive tech investments required

Soko for Publishers is a web based service so there is no IT infrastructure to set up and no need for expensive specialists.


Easy to use

 Soko for Publishers is designed to integrate seamlessly into your sales team's existing workflow.


Use Cases



Fighting Revenue Erosion

A longtime client informs you that they are going to be shifting their ad spend to Facebook / Google, because their new VP Marketing wants to pay for “conversions not impressions”. Rather than lose all of their business, you inform them that they can have the best of both worlds: they can access your qualified and trusted audience and use Facebook and Google’s powerful campaign tools. You can offer one-time or recurring purchases of all, or subsections of, your audience for use in their Facebook and Google retargeting campaigns.



Winning New Business

You are competing with a rival publication for a major account. They offer banner and video ads, you offer banner and video ads. They offer native advertising, you offer native advertising. Offering your audience for retargeting on Facebook and Google is a powerful differentiator that can be used as a sweetener to close deals or as must-have functionality that locks in customers.



Upselling Native Advertising

An advertiser wants to purchase some native advertising from your publication. After negotiating the terms, your salesperson asks the advertiser whether they do any Facebook or Google campaigns (of course they do, everyone does these days!), and suggests that they can maximize the benefits of their native ad purchase by retargeting everyone who reads the article. For only 20% more (or whatever you choose to charge), that option can be bundled with their native advertising purchase.


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